October 3, 2012

Important People Drinking Coffee

Last night Casey and I hung my new show of watercolors IMPORTANT PEOPLE DRINKING COFFEE at Cafe Grumpy in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s a show about, as one might guess, important people and their coffee.

I should also mention here that not everyone I painted with their coffee is technically a “person”. A dog, a dinosaur, several goats, a Greek god, a Sesame Street character, and a beautiful woman who Eugène Delacroix painted were also involved.

Pieces are being sold for $80 and are 7″ x 10″ on hot press watercolor paper framed. Jesus, who is above, is about 11″ x 17″ and is $120. If you’d like to purchase something just let me know here and we’ll figure something out.

Here is the rest of the show:

(Yuri is sold.)

(Cookie Monster is sold.)

(Dino is sold.)

This is my second show at with Cafe Grumpy. My first was at their Park Slope location and was a bunch of watercolors I painted last year summer in Gigante, Colombia at one of the coffee farms where they source their coffee beans. See that here.

UPDATE: I’m really flattered by all of the press this show has received. Here it is:

Serious Drinks: Fun Illustrations: Important People Drinking Coffee if you ever wonder what happens, when an artist tries out an idea, then you’re looking at it. this is Steven Weinberg, currently illustrating his fun with a series of “Important People Drinking Coffee” through time.
Brooklyn Based: When Inspiration and Caffeination Meet