October 23, 2012

Brownstone Mural at NU Hotel

Yesterday I had the privilegeĀ of painting all over the walls of a boutique Brooklyn Hotel, the NU Hotel on Atlantic and Smith streets in Downtown Brooklyn. It was a real honor to be one of their first artists for this guest artist program along with Adam Suerte of Brooklyn Tattoo. So, when They handed me over the keys to room 303 for a day of painting I knew I had to get to work!

There was one big wall that hugs the king size bed’s headboard, which was the bulk of what I was asked to come in and paint around. I had a few ideas of what to mural up in a boutique Brooklyn hotel, but in the end knew I had to rep the brownstones of Park Slope I see every day. Here’s the the whole big wall finished:

(Photo courtesy of NU Hotel. See it bigger here.)

AND, if you want the full multimedia experience, check out this video I put together of the time lapses of everything I painted in the room.

(If this isn’t embedding properly, you can see it here.)

Here’s a detail of the smaller painting I then did over the coffee machine and thermostat:

It’s a cafe and a fire station! Get it?

And here’s one I did right behind the toilet in the bathroom:

Not to be tacky, but I figured it would be a nice thing to stare at while passing the time. There’s a mirror directly across so it’s right there in view whilst upon the throne:

And the best part about all of this, besides painting a mural in a hotel room AND finally getting to see Casey in action while she worked? (My girlfriend Casey’s works at the NU Hotel, which is how I got to know them, and for them to ask me to paint a mural in one of their rooms.) Finally having a TV with ESPN on Monday night to catch Monday Night Football once all the painting was done:

Ahh the perks of being a painter… for bar-related perks of being a painter see the post about my mural at Brooklyn Bar Owl Farm.