I’ve been a bad blogger for some very good reasons

Since the end of last year my life has been crazy and busy in all of the best ways. I’ve also been in the midst of a redesign for For these reasons, I haven’t been doing the best job/any job at all updating here. This is why:

1. I’ve been working on my first children’s book

All of January I was doing final art for my very first children’s book REX FINDS AN EGG! EGG! EGG! that’s being published by Simon & Schuster in spring 2015.


The book is all about an adorable young dinosaur’s newfound attachment to an egg that takes him on an cretaceous adventure. It a romp through dino world and it’s been a dream start to finish… or I mean so far. I CAN’T WAIT TO HOLD IT AS A BOOK.

2. Casey and I moved to the Catskills

Early in December Casey and I and my studio moved north from Brooklyn to the Catskills. Why you ask, well we are in the process of renovating and opening a small hotel and bar up in the lovely Spruceton Valley called The Spruceton Inn: A Catskills Bed & Bar.

Casey has a much better explanation of the move and the plans on her site here.

But for now, here’s the view from my studio. It’s no tops of brownstones, but it ain’t too shabby:

studio view


3. I started to do some epic GIF-filled comics for

And since moving up the Catskills I’ve begun a weekly comic all about our new life. Here is the first one below. Go to Hyperallergic to check out my newest ones each week!



4. OH… and we got a dog!

Please meet Waldo.

waldo sitting


We picked him up from the Ulster County SPCA last month. HE IS THE BEST.

So much fun.

waldo snow1SO MUCH FUN.

waldo snow2





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2013 Holiday cards

I love it when folks hire me to do their holiday cards. This year I did two Calvin and Hobbes inspired snowmen ones for Cafe Grumpy and Brooklyn Boulders.

Here is Cafe Grumpy’s:


And Brooklyn Boulders:


I hope everyone had great (killer-snowmen-free) holidays!

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We moved to the Catskills!

This December Casey and I uprooted our wonderful lives in Brooklyn for a completely insane idea: move to the Catskills, move my studio up there, and… open up a small hotel.

down in the valley
(That’s us down in the valley.)

It’s all happening! We’re now living in the little town of West Kill, NY. Casey did a whole post all about our move and the hotel plans on her site. Read all about it here. We’re going to call the place The Spruceton Inn (after the name of the valley) and you can keep up with our progress at

I also just started a new cartoon series with my favorite art blog all about the move up north. The first of this series went live last night. I’m really excited to document this giant life change all while channeling my favorite artists like Maira Kalman and Guy Delisle.

Here’s a teaser below. Check it out at Hyperallergic here!


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I’ve got two pieces in the upcoming 3rd Annual Group Art Show at the Urban Folk Art Gallery opening this Friday 7-10pm. It’s some seriously spooky spooky art. Here are the two 11″ x 17″ side by side.


See them larger here.

They’re both for sale. If you are interested do let me know.

And here are some more details:





In case you didn’t know, the Urban Folk Art gallery is my buddy Adam’s Suerte’s gallery right next to his amazing Brooklyn Tattoo tattoo parlor.

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Queen Kitty

I love when people let me paint things on their walls.


Some friends of mine (who also happen to be owners of my favorite Brooklyn bars Owl Farm, Mission Dolores, and BGH) are opening a new bar in Bed-Stuy called Glorietta Baldy on 502 Franklin Ave. They have this wonderful bit of red wall in the back near their pinball machines and kindly asked me to paint something.

So yesterday I spent a few hours doing this:


And then, I got to do this:


The only this missing was a beer! They should have all that up and running in a week or so. Check their site of their Facebook page and be one of the first to pose next to Queen Kitty!

Want me to paint on your wall? Just ask!
I have done a whole lot of it you can see right here.

And one more view of the mural. Being in a corner with funny light you really have to see it in person. I highly recommend doing so with a drink in hand.


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Everyone Is Climbing… Launched!


Brooklyn Boulders and I recently had our first event for Everyone Is Climbing. Wooooo hooooo!

We’re doing our next book event at Brooklyn Boulders’ new gym in Somerville, Massachusetts BKB Somerville this Saturday the 28th from noon to 2pm.

Before reading the book, I showed the kiddos how to draw some climbing gear. Some very quicks studies in the group. This little one nailed drawing a bunch of rope.



And then we did what I was maybe more excited about than reading the book: learning how to tie climbing knots with candy.


Best way to learn. Just too much fun overall. Hope to see you in Somerville!

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Grace Bonney

This month with Brooklyn Based I got to hang out with Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney. Turns out besides her great taste, she also cracks me up and is real fun to draw.


You can read the whole interview here.

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This Saturday the first book that I both wrote and illustrated EVERYONE IS CLIMBING is officially for sale! It is all about my most favorite thing to do when I’m not in the studio or with Casey: rock climbing. Please join me at Brooklyn Boulders for the launch this Saturday at 10 AM for reading, drawing, and tying knots with red vines.


The book is a bit unusual as it is a collaboration between NYC’s premier rock climbing gym Brooklyn Boulders and myself. Last year they commissioned me to do a bunch of climbing cartoons for their blog. Here’s one:


These got us talking about making a children’s book about climbing, which just happens to be something I’ve wanted to do since I’ve been a little kiddo tied to a rock wall.

The process, from sketching…


To me going climbing again and again for inspiration…


To writing the book and making the finished art…


Has been a BLAST.

So please join me this Saturday, tell your friends, and/or just go climbing! This book is currently only being sold through Brooklyn Boulders, so if you’d like a copy contact the folks at Brooklyn Boulders here. You can also see more about the book on the site they created for it


Oh, did I mention the book also features a handy diagram for tying a figure 8 knot?


AND and climbing pattern I’ve designed as endpapers? (Fabric people–you can go right ahead and contact me about licensing that guy.)



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Go Cyclones!


This month, for my ongoing 5 Questions/1 Drawing series with Brooklyn Based, I got to be a pretend sports journalist again and interview Brooklyn Cyclone LJ Mazzilli. I had a great time going to Cyclones stadium in Coney Island, seeing batting practice, and watching them take on the Connecticut Tigers.

I also saw what might be the unofficial Cyclones home field secret: having the visiting team hit Nathan’s Hot Dogs before the game. I saw a whole crew of Tigers loading up on dogs in between batting practice and the game. Dangerous! How can you hit fastball with stomach full of dogs? (The Tigers did win. So I guess that’s how.)


ALSO, being off in Greece and all last month I wasn’t able to post my Brooklyn Based interview/drawing of my good friend and amazing author Clay Chapman all about his life in Brooklyn and hilarious new middle grade book THE TRIBE: Homeroom Headhunters. Read that here and see the illustration below.


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Really Famous Art


I just started a new Tumblr where I paint it all.

It’s just too much fun ripping off master work.

Send requests please.

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