Big work

While I do a ton of work from my studio, I do love getting out for site-specific murals and painting away. I’ve done a variety of these over the last few years, mostly in San Francisco, but most recently in Brooklyn. Here’s a rundown:

Glorietta Baldy Bar

I love when people let me paint things on their walls.


Some friends of mine (who also happen to be owners of my favorite Brooklyn bars Owl Farm, Mission Dolores, and BGH) are opening a new bar in Bed-Stuy called Glorietta Baldy on 502 Franklin Ave. They have this wonderful bit of red wall in the back near their pinball machines and kindly asked me to paint something in October 2013.

I spent a few hours doing this:


And then, I got to do this:


Here’s a longer view of the whole thing–though I highly recommend checking it out yourself with drink in hand.


NU Hotel

In October 2012 I had the privilegeĀ of painting all over the walls of a boutique Brooklyn Hotel, the NU Hotel on Atlantic and Smith streets in Downtown Brooklyn. It was a real honor to be one of their first artists for this guest artist program along with Adam Suerte of Brooklyn Tattoo. So, when They handed me over the keys to room 303 for a day of painting I knew I had to get to work!

There was one big wall that hugs the king size bed’s headboard, which was the bulk of what I was asked to come in and paint around. I had a few ideas of what to mural up in a boutique Brooklyn hotel, but in the end knew I had to rep the brownstones of Park Slope I see every day. Here’s the the whole big wall finished:

(Photo courtesy of NU Hotel. See it bigger here.)

AND, if you want the full multimedia experience, check out this video I put together of the time lapses of everything I painted in the room.

(If this isn’t embedding properly, you can see it here.)

Here’s a detail of the smaller painting I then did over the coffee machine and thermostat:

It’s a cafe and a fire station! Get it?

And here’s one I did right behind the toilet in the bathroom:

Not to be tacky, but I figured it would be a nice thing to stare at while passing the time. There’s a mirror directly across so it’s right there in view whilst upon the throne:

Colson Patissiere & Bakery

Towards the end of 2012 I also got to do a bunch of work for Colson Patissiere‘s new bakery/cafe in South Brooklyn.

The bakery is at 220 36th st, part of what is now being called Industry City (once Bush Terminal) which is a bunch of old shipping warehouses built around the turn of the century. The buildings weren’t built for aesthetics, so I was happy to add a handmade touch. My thought for the whole piece was: these guys have a TON of pastires. Why have a menu written, when I can draw it on their giant empty wall. Plus obviously labeled things crack me up. Here’s the whole mural:

(Click image to see it 1200px.)

Thanks to the building’s industrial touch, it’s hard to get a good sense of the wall due to the lighting and tight hallway.

Here are some detail shots:

It’s been a lot of fun working with the folks at Colson–beyond just getting to sample all of their delicious wares.

My work with them started a few weeks ago when I rewrote/drew their mirror menu in their 9th st/6th ave Park Slope location. As it’s a mirror, I haven’t really found a way to photograph it well. So I invite you to swing by, have a pain au chocolat et cafe and enjoy the view.

Owl Farm

In September 2012 I did a brand new mural over at the wonderful new bar OWL FARM on 9th st. and 5th ave in Park Slope. As one might suspect, it’s very owl-inspired.

It was, as we say in the owl-mural-painting-world, a hoot. Here’s a time lapse gif showing how it evolved:

Together my girlfriend Casey Scieszka and I designed the lettering for the front sign of the place, plus a few more things within the bar.

And if that wasn’t enough, I was also asked to paint owl “easter eggs” throughout the bar. As of now, there’s about nine of them. Go by sometime, have a beer (or beers), and find them all!


Causes began as the first app on Facebook devoted to helping nonprofits fundraise and connect with their community. They asked me to do a big old mural at their offices in Berkeley, CA. They wanted something about how they work as a group, with groups, to connect with the world. They also wanted something that represented every member of their staff. Here’s what I made:

Click to see it larger.

My plan was to make a world map through stencils of various animals. Every staff member got their own spirit animal, which was a lot of fun. Just to give sense of how I work on something like this here’s a mockup of the wall with the stencils I made on the computer:

I then overlaid that with a photo of the actual wall to make sure it would fit:

And then got busy!

The whole thing took about two days up going up and down an old rickety ladder. Somehow it and I survived. That’s the magic of art, or something.


Gensler is an international design firm and they asked several stencil artists, myself included, to tag up their whole joint before they did a giant renovation. (Of course, before painting over all of our work, they had a big old party and did worked with our art on their walls for a good three months.) I think I got one of the best spots–two walls right by the front lobby. It was rather hard to photograph as there was another wall quite close to them, but here is a photomontage of how it looked:

For this one I also made up a whole digital plan which you can see below. I wanted this mural to evoke all of my memories of Timbuktu, a place I had been living in with Casey only about five months prior to doing this. So naturally there’s a lot of camels, donkeys, goats, and even some dunes up top.

The space there really ended making this one shine. Here you can see it in the daylight:

Shitty Kitty

Shitty Kitty is a rather X-rated cartoon Casey and I like to have cartoon drawing meet ups for in bars. She’s got a pretty serious fanbase in SF so we ended up doing a few public featuring her.

This is on Orange Alley in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. The Mission is very well-known for its murals and it is really any honor to have art up there with some of the other amazing works throughout the hood.

We made this one on a day where a bunch of artists had gathered via the now defunct Receiver Gallery. The scene that day could not have looked more SF.

I did like seeing a few kids get in there too. Kids tend to love Shitty Kitty. Parents tend to love their kids loving Shitty Kitty as long as the kids are pre-literate.

And I also did a Shitty Kitty themed bathroom (get it?) at Mission: Comics and Art, the finest comic book shop in SF. Here’s a panorama to give you a sense of that:

Click to see it larger.