November 19, 2012

Auction me!

This Holiday Season (that being Halloween and the Xmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Winterfest and so far not Thanksgiving) I’ve been included in some charity art auctions.

The first is for the fine people at the 826 NYC Superhero Supply Store. They do AMAZING things teaching kids all about writing and reading all while selling every piece of superhero gear you’d ever need. They have an ongoing Tell Tale Art Auction with some other really amazing artists like Lane Smith, Lisa Brown, Adam Rex, Peter Brown, Sara Varon… the list goes on and I’m very flattered to be on it. Here’s my piece below. Go and bid on it here!

Next up is the Red Stocking Soiree for New York Methodist Hospital— a great hospital right near me in Park Slope. They wanted a piece of holiday-related art so I gave them what you see below. Learn more about the Soiree and bidding on my art here!

For those less familiar with Park Slope and its modes of transportation, that’s a 7th Ave Car Service car (the most insane of all Brooklyn car services), a stroller with mom in a fashionable sleeping bag/black down jacket, and a motor scooter from favorite local Chinese spot Red Hot.